25 December 2006

Downeast cruise w/ Sweets

These pictures were taken by a high school mate of mine, Bill. With him and his brother Larry I cruised "downeast" from our homeport of Southwest Harbor, Maine on Labor Day week-end a few years ago.

This is Larry.

We are motoring along, trying to guess where we're headed.

Consulting a chart, we are into "traditional" piloting, eschewing plotters and other electronic aids.

Schoodic Point

Figuring it out, we now have a plan!

Petit Manan, "gateway to downeast."

Anchored north of Trafton, but it was buggy as hell, and we had to move further off as night fell.

Skipper having coffee and eating well; note our "serious" #1 nav instrument.

Mate is also a serious barbie expert. Here he's grilling filets from Sawyer's Market in SW Harbor.

Sunsets in Maine can be too gawjus for words...

Meat is about done! BEEF. It's what's for dinnah!

There is a bald eagle sitting on the tree in the middle of this picture, trust me!

This bridge is on Jordan's Delight.

Hulls Cove, Mount Desert Island, after a great sail up Frenchman's Bay.